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How can a VoIP solution help your business grow?

A company's success depends on the quality of its customer relationships. An organization can build strong business relationships by providing effective ways for customers to communicate with the company. This is essential to the growth of the business.

To meet this need, many businesses today choose a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) telephony service instead of traditional telephony because it provides a host of benefits that conventional phone systems simply can't offer.

In this article, discover some of the advantages of opting for an IP telephony system and, more importantly, how VoIP telephony can help you grow your business!

A VoIP solution can reduce your company's phone costs

Does the idea of paying outrageous traditional telephony charges give you nightmares? With a VoIP telephony solution, you can sleep soundly! 😴

The cost of installing a VoIP system is much lower than for a traditional service, since you only need to connect the system to your existing Internet network. This saves on installation costs and new cables, especially when moving premises. This is a particularly strong argument for SMEs that are expanding and have growing needs.

In addition, you gain much more control over your business phone system with VoIP. Do you need to add an extension for a new employee or make any other changes to your system? The power is in your hands! No more need to call a technician and pay for service charges: you can control everything from your computer through your provider's portal.

VoIP can grow your business by improving customer satisfaction

Opting for a VoIP solution comes with a host of advantages that will help you improve the quality of the services you offer your customers and, at the same time, increase their level of satisfaction!

Never miss a call or a message again

If you need to be away from the office, VoIP gives you the ability to route calls you receive on your office phone to your mobile device. This way, no matter where you are, you can communicate with your clients at all times and continue to maintain a good relationship with them. Who knows, you might just close that important sale while you're on the go!

You can also have your voicemail messages forwarded to your email address. This means you are notified every time you receive a new message and you can even listen to them remotely. This solution can be a real lifeline in an emergency!

An advantage for your international customers

The more your business grows, the more you will want to reach a broad clientele from an equally broad territory. Well, you should know that you can use several numbers from different regions on the same corporate VoIP system to accommodate your remote customers, who will no longer have to pay long-distance charges!

What if the internet goes down?

Technically, if the internet goes down, the VoIP system goes down too, right?

No way! Fortunately for your business, your VoIP system can work even if there is a problem with your network! Recognized VoIP telephony providers offer an outage prevention service and ensure that your calls can be routed to a mobile phone in these situations so that you can always offer the best possible customer phone experience.

Grow your business with UBIK VoIP!

In short, a VoIP solution may very well contribute to the growth of your business by providing you with several advantages. It saves you money thanks to fast installation and gives you control over system changes. In addition, it can help you improve your customer service by eliminating missed calls, easily reaching international customers and providing a backup solution in case of network failure.

At UBIK, our VoIP solution offers all these benefits and more to the many companies that have chosen our recognized telephony service. To learn more about how UBIK can help your organization, we invite you to contact us and request a quote!

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