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VoIP: Competitive advantages in different industries

Whether a start-up, SME or multinational, any company can benefit from IP telephony, also known as VoIP. This Internet phone system offers various advantages such as speed, flexibility and accessibility. In addition, switching to VoIP usually results in considerable savings on telecom bills.

There are many advantages of VoIP for businesses. Here are just a few examples of how using VoIP can revolutionize organizations in different industries.

VoIP in the tourism industry

Many tourism start-ups and small businesses have switched to VoIP. This technology can help them respond to customer questions and concerns received by phone, email or even fax at a much faster rate than traditional wired communication networks. This advantage stems from VoIP’s ability to unify all communication channels.

Basic features of VoIP, such as bilingual voice services and music on hold, can also improve customer phone experience for a travel agency, airline or even a hotel. This can convince them to do business with these companies.

VoIP in the business sector

Companies in the financial and business sectors have for the most part switched to virtual phone systems (another of the many names for VoIP) for their business communications. This system gives them access to new features and useful upgrade options.

For example, workers in this sector can transfer calls to their cell phones with VoIP to quickly respond to customers and partners, even on the road. Voicemail messages can also be listened to from any mobile device or computer connected to the Internet since they are automatically sent by e-mail.

Three-way conference calls, another basic feature of VoIP, also makes it easier to involve different decision-makers in the development of investment strategies.

VoIP in the healthcare industry

Hospitals and clinics need a strong communication network to effectively serve the community. Convenience and reliability make IP phone systems ideal for these institutions.

The management of medical records is a lot easier and more secure than when they were sent as faxes. With automated fax to email conversion, patients and health care professionals can also exchange confidential documents online and archive them more easily without risking losing them or having them end up in the hands of ill-intentioned people.

VCompanies in these 3 sectors are not the only ones who can benefit from VoIP!

Any organization that makes or receives a large number of phone calls daily will benefit from a VoIP phone system. This alternative to analog telephony could certainly help increase collaboration within your company, even if it isn’t part of one of the industries presented in this article.

To provide your company with a VoIP solution that meets its needs and is entirely Quebec-based, contact UBIK and get a custom quote today!

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