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DDoS attacks: What are they and how can you stop them?

Late this summer, a series of DDoS attacks was launched against VoIP providers, including Voip Unlimited, Voipfone and voip.ms, with tech giant Bandwidth taking perhaps the biggest hit.

The service interruption impacted VoIP clients worldwide—notably, industry heavyweights Google, Microsoft and RingCentral—and the majority of UBIK’s clients were no exception. In this article, we’ll explain what happened in language you can actually understand.

How can you prevent DDoS attacks? (Poutine analogy)

It’s very difficult to block or prevent DDoS attacks. The simplest way to explain it is with a tasty analogy: Your neighbourhood poutine joint.

Imagine that 35,000 people come to the restaurant every day but never order anything. You’re starving and have to wait hours to order your medium with sausage. How can you prevent 35,000 people from tying up the cashier without also keeping out paying customers?

There’s only one way to do that: Ask every customer if they really want to get poutine. Now, that would require lots of space, dividers, booths, staff… essentially, an entire admission system! Your poutine would wind up costing $28, even without ordering from UberEats.

Why are so many attacks happening?

Most of the time, hackers just want a ransom: they demand an exorbitant sum of money in exchange for calling off the hordes of fake customers flooding the restaurant in our analogy.

However, unlike with ransomware, there’s nothing to guarantee that the hackers will keep their word after the money is paid up.

Put simply, a DDoS attack requires very little effort in exchange for a huge potential payout.

What security measures does UBIK have in place? (IP telephony version)

UBIK has worked with our network partners to set up an elaborate filtration system that can process up to four times the volume of the most recent known attacks.

It’s like renting an on-demand admission system, ready to be deployed in 60 seconds

Rest assured that your UBIK system will be protected quickly and effectively.

DDoS attacks have been steadily on the rise since 2020, and the majority of business services are now hosted online. We strongly encourage you to verify that all services used by your company are protected against attacks (email, ERP, CRM, file sharing, etc.).

At UBIK, we pride ourselves on offering our clients top-notch service and security. If you want to enjoy the benefits of an advanced IP telephone system developed entirely in Quebec, contact us!

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