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What if you developed projects within your team?

Growing your business as well as your operations: it’s possible!

After the economic downturn due to the pandemic, quite a few businesses changed their work dynamic.

Hybrid work from home formats, reduced number of hours, changes in selling styles, diversification of your operations… Everything is possible!

New projects? Who does that?

We see you coming from a mile away with the usual questions: Who? What? How? So many questions for which we all have the answers!

To begin with, it’s important not to put too much pressure on the team. Projects added to the regular workload of your employees must be on a voluntary basis.

Take examples from other companies, start with putting together the team and asking around who might be interested to participate. You might be pleasantly surprised.

Many would like to be more involved in the company where they work full time. Also, the voluntary basis makes any project more interesting since it is not compulsory such as the regular workload. They chose to be a part of it, and mostly, they chose projects they are interested in.

A team, alright, what next?

Once again, there is a world of opportunities in front of you. You may take them all by spacing out ideas on your calendar or distributing projects to different team members.

Sit down with the volunteers and think about ANYTHING that can help grow or add to your company. It might be projects to be developed externally or internally such as improving the day-to-day for the employees or creating a new product line, etc. Think about everything that aligns with the company’s values that you may be lacking at the moment.

Developing a new project

For any project, the most important thing is planning. All projects must be structured and well featured.

If you are limited in time due to your regular workload, no need to panic! Those projects are ADDITIONS to your business, and they must not impinge on your main tasks. It might represent an hour a week, or one afternoon on a slow period.

As for the follow-up, you might want to copy us and plan an hour-long meeting once every two weeks, or once every month, so that everyone may present their ideas and progress.

Make sure to follow-up!

Here, at UBIK, we are using a project planner in which we separate the tasks to each employee, set up deadlines, and in which everyone may comment on another project member’s task. This way, we are able to help each other and follow the progression of the current projects.

You have a quick question for a project member? Don’t wait for the bi-monthly meeting. Reach them easily thanks to IP telephony which redirects your call in a matter of seconds to the employee of your choice. To acquire a quality, advantageous telephony system entirely developed in Quebec, contact us now !

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