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Which IP phone best suits your needs?

To each their phone

While it’s true that every phone can make calls, not every phone is right for you.

Overwhelmed by all the options? Don’t worry, UBIK is here to help. Keep reading and you’ll see the decision isn’t so tough!

The perfect phone for receptionists

We know there’s at least one person in your company who needs a phone that can do it all. Follow our drift? It’s your receptionist!

With its high call volume, large screen, integrated Bluetooth technology and high quality keypad, the CISCO 8851 is the clear winner for receptionists! Capable of up to 10 concurrent calls, this model also lets you transfer calls quickly and connect two expansion modules. Simply put, it’s the full package, making your receptionist’s job that much easier!

Glued to your desk all day? This one’s for you!

First, you have to decide. Are you Team Yealink or Team Cisco? Both are great devices, but they don’t offer the same options. Let us boil it down for you.

Overall, you’ll get the same results from both models. The difference comes in how they reach those end results.

If you’re all about the aesthetic, choose the YEALINK T46U. Its colour screen and 27 lines make this phone good value for money. You can take incoming calls, add shortcuts and even see caller ID for a line in real time with an expansion module. Easy to use, the phone is also compatible with a USB headset (some conditions apply).

If instead you’re looking for simple, powerful and efficient, choose the CISCO 6851. The major difference is the number of lines available—only four for this model. But adding an extension module gives you 28 buttons to use as shortcuts or to show caller ID in real time (limit of one module per phone).

Change rooms often during the workday? We’ve got you covered!

At UBIK, we’ve got solutions for everything! The YEALINK W73H is the ultra practical wireless phone beloved by employees on the go, from factory floors to kitchens to break rooms. All you need to do is connect the base to the internet and plug in the charger wherever you want. It’s a good idea to stay within its 50 meter range though.

With its noise cancellation, long battery life and headset jack, this model easily adapts to your needs, since a base can connect to up to 10 phones!

Calls few and far between?

Then YEALINK T31G will work like a dream as your courtesy or low-call-volume phone. This very affordable option has two lines and a small, user-friendly screen.

The choice is yours!

Within one company, call needs can vary wildly from person to person. In that case, why not mix and match models?

Still have questions after reading this article? Contact us! We’d be happy to help you make your decision.

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