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UBIK makes it easy to send faxes directly from the interface. Incoming faxes are forwarded to your email inbox.

Sending a fax from the UBIK interface

  • Go to the UBIK client login.
  • In the “Dashboard” section, click on the “Fax” tab:
Fax Tab
  • Enter the recipient’s fax number.
  • Select a PDF on your computer or drag it into the interface:
Drag and drop Fax into the interface
  • Your file is now uploaded! Click “Send” to send the fax. You’ll get a notification confirming the operation was successful.

Sending a fax by email

  • In the “Dashboard” section, click on the “Fax” tab:
Fax Tab
  • To send a fax by email, follow the instructions at the bottom of the page:
Send fax by email
  • Send an email to the address that’s written there. Save it in your contacts if you need to—this address is unique to your company.
  • Enter the recipient’s fax number as the subject of the message (e.g., 5145551234).
  • Add the PDF you want to send as an attachment to the email:
Drag and drop fax into email as an attachment
  • Send the email. You’ll receive a confirmation email.

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