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The phones

You can manage all your phones in all your branches from the UBIK Client Login.

Adding your phones to the UBIK system is easy. However, we recommend asking for help from UBIK or a network technician to configure them.

Adding a phone

Phones Section
  • Click on "add phone”:
Adding a phone
  • Enter a description to help you clearly identify the new phone.
  • Enter a password of six or more characters. Confirm your password.
  • If there is a fee associated with adding a new phone, you’ll receive a notification to this effect
Activation fees
  • Save to finish the process, and there you go: your phone has been added to the UBIK system.

Changing a phone’s caller ID

You have full control over your phones’ caller ID for internal and external calls.

  • Click on “Phones” in the sidebar.
Phones Section
  • Click on a phone in the list to change its caller ID.
  • Scroll down to the caller ID options at the bottom. Calls will default to being displayed as anonymous.
Anonymous calls
  • External calls: Activate caller ID and enter the name you want others to see during external calls. If you have multiple phone numbers, select the one you want displayed.
External calls
  • Internal calls: Activate caller ID and enter the name you want others to see during internal calls. You can choose between having the display show an extension number or a phone number.
Internal calls
  • Enter the name you want displayed during internal calls and select the extension or phone number you want others to see.
  • Click “Save” to save your caller ID configuration.

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