Discover the benefits of UBIK VoIP for your business

UBIK offers several benefits to your organization such as an illimited number of telephone lines, your own virtual receptionist ou call forwarding to cellphone.
See why more and more enterprises switch to UBIK.
A stable, secure telecommunications network
Dropped calls are bad for business and every minute counts. That’s why we developed advanced analytics tools that prevent or eliminate latency and congestion issues. Our monitoring ensures network quality and reliability.
Prevention of service interruptions
Confidential data and conversations
Regular security checks and enhancements
Latency and congestion detection
Packet classification (QoS)
Top quality network hardware
No network breaches
UBIK VoIP user benefits
We built our VoIP phone system for users, not phone lines. UBIK deals with humans and you’re our top priority. We offer all our customers an unlimited number of phone lines and extensions, nationwide calls and our client login. features
Client Login section on our website
Unlimited phone lines
Free calling anywhere in Canada and USA
Attentive, personalized service
All our features for a flat rate
Virtual receptionist
Your very own virtual receptionist
Whether you’re heading a start-up or managing a well-established company, projecting a strong professional image is essential. Not only is that a basic UBIK VoIP system feature, but we’ll adapt to your growing business needs at no extra cost.
Virtual receptionist with scheduling
Professional, bilingual voice service
On-hold message and music
Call forwarding to cell phones
Communication anywhere, anytime
UBIK benefits from major technological advances in cloud computing. Do you have Internet? Then you’re all set to start using VoIP. Use your phone at home, on the road or from your hotel room – work is anywhere you are. With UBIK, the portable office is here.
Virtual offices
Call forwarding to cell phones
Email voice messaging
Travel and relocation without service calls
Web interface
Take control of your phone system with VoIP
Manage your own phones and calls with Client Login. It only takes a few clicks to create or change extension numbers, modify names, transfer calls, and so on. At UBIK, simplicity is key: forget technical jargon, complicated procedures and costly service calls. Free yourself from expensive service providers.
User-friendly web management platform
Hassle-free additions and configuration—no service calls!
Easy name and number modification
Phone billing tailored to your needs
Our flat rate billing approach helps you stay on budget. You pay by the user, not by the line – and phone lines are unlimited. You also benefit from the kind of long-distance fees only IP phone systems can provide. No nasty surprises: your monthly charges are exactly what you expected.
Stable, predictable, detailed billing
No maintenance fees
Unlimited phone lines
Free calling anywhere in Canada

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