Discover our rates for our IP phone services

An increasing number of organizations are making the switch to IP telephony. The reason is quite simple, they see it as a great opportunity to save money. No matter the size of your business, you can save money by switching to the UBIK VoIP telephony solution.

Take a look at our competitive rates, all based on the number of users.

How many users are there in your company?

It’s easy to determine how much it would cost you to switch to an IP telephony system.

A user is a person or device with access to UBIK’s customer section. The fax and alarm systems each count as one user.
1 10 20 30 40 50
155 $ per month

The price of your UBIK IP Telephony plan broken down

Base Rate

50 $

Phone numbers

5 $ Chacun


150 $

More than 50 employees at your company?

More than 50 people work in your organization? UBIK can offer custom telecommunications solutions for larger companies. We can meet your needs and save you money at the same time!

Switching to IP telephones: more than just low rates

An attractive price is obviously a strong incentive to opt for an Internet telephony. By switching to this innovative technology, however, you could also enjoy many other benefits.

Improve mobility

IP telephony link users to an workstation rather than a line. That means employees can use their work phone number even when they’re travelling.

Increased flexibility for a growing company

With UBIK IP telephony for businesses, you can easily add additional workstations or expand the network. In addition, if your company changes location, you can continue to operate the same VoIP phone system.

Easy infrastructure management

Traditional telephone lines cannot carry data. With VoIP technology, you can transmit voice and data over a single network. This reduces the amount of hardware required and the cost of maintaining it.

We are available to help you transition to IP telephony

Do you need more information about our rates, the capabilities of our technology or how to make the transition to a VoIP system?

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