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What is the difference between IP telephony and analog telephony?

Choosing a phone service is a crucial step when starting a new business. You will also have to make this choice if your company moves (no more Zumba classes making a racket in the next room), or if your telephone contract is finally over 🎉. Do you renew your regular contract and keep dealing with poor customer service or opt for something new? In any case, a dilemma arises: analog or IP telephony? Here is the UBIK guide to help you make an informed decision.

IP vs. analog telephony: the fundamental differences

In a nutshell, IP telephony is a phone service connected directly to your Internet cable. Analog telephony is connected to good old telephone wires. It's that simple! Where things get tricky is when it comes to determining which of the two options is most beneficial for your business.

All devices on the same network

Companies that only use one phone line to communicate are disappearing. In fact, the vast majority of companies already have Cloud communication tools such as Skype, Slack, Office 365, Dropbox, etc. IP telephony enables you to connect all your devices to the same network, while analog telephony requires a different connection for each device.

A range of additional functions

If telephone services were a pizza, analog telephony would probably be pepperoni and cheese: a proven classic that doesn't overwhelm anyone. Epicureans (companies) will inevitably want something a little more elaborate. Olives, bacon, pineapple 🤢, everyone has different tastes. This pizza is IP telephony. There are a host of practical features available here: call recording, email voicemail, on-hold music, call forwarding to cell phones... everything a company needs to ensure the most efficient communication service (Psst, all these features and more are included with the UBIK basic package)!

Will I save more with IP or analog telephony?

Imagine a world where your favourite pizza is the cheapest. This world exists: it is the world of IP telephony. In fact, IP telephony service is much less expensive than its analog counterpart, while offering you a more extensive range of features. Whether your company has 3, 20 or 600 employees, saving is always an advantage.

Can I use my work phone at home?

Absolutely! With IP telephony, at least. This lets you bring your office phone with you and work from any location: from your living room, cottage or even from your bath. No more panicked customers calling you on your personal cell phone after hours! Analog telephony, on the other hand, limits your office number to a fixed location.

Are you considering IP telephony? Think of UBIK

If your company has a reliable and high-performance Internet connection and you want access to a host of practical features and increased flexibility at a low cost, IP telephony is most likely the right choice for you. Once you have made your decision, all you have to do is choose an IP telephony provider, and that's it!

Don't hesitate to contact UBIK for a free quote.

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