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DDoS Attack: Is Your Business Well Protected?

Congratulations! Your new company is finally in business! Nothing can stop you now...


Organizations that depend on computer and telecommunications equipment are more likely than ever to be affected by a virtual DDoS attack. This is because DDoS attacks are increasingly common and easy for hackers to execute.

Do you think your company would survive a DDoS attack?

What is a DDoS attack?

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks are attacks on computer equipment carried out by hackers. Their goal is to disrupt normal traffic on a server, website, corporate office or online service by sending a barrage of malicious traffic. They generate this rush hour traffic by taking control of thousands of compromised computer systems. As a result, equipment affected by these attacks can become inaccessible or unusable for several hours, causing your website, VoIP system or online business to be affected.

How can DDoS attacks affect your business?

Be careful, because pirates are not picky about their choice of victim! Whether large or small, all businesses are at risk of being attacked. This is why you need to know exactly what the possible consequences of these attacks are.

The biggest impact these attacks can have on a company is financial. After all, if your business depends on the internet to survive, a DDoS attack is financially catastrophic. You may remember the young Montreal hacker, MafiaBoy, who in the year 2000 succeeded in hacking web giants such as Yahoo, Amazon, eBay and CNN. The cost of the damage attributable to these attacks was estimated at over a billion dollars!

Another important impact of these attacks is that they can damage your reputation. When an organization's website is hacked, customers are likely to lose confidence in its services and stop doing business with it. As a result, your brand could be tarnished by a DDoS attack.

Loss of working time and productivity is another possible consequence. If your server is inaccessible for hours, your employees will be unable to work normally. You could also lose the data stored on your computer, which will add a huge workload.

How do you protect your business from DDoS attacks?

The best way to protect yourself from a DDoS attack is to be prepared! If you don't already have a disaster recovery plan (what are you waiting for?!), put one in place. Having a plan limits possible damage, including data loss.

In addition, here are a few tips and tricks to protect your computer systems:

  • Keeping your computer security systems and software up to date
  • Install multi-level firewalls to protect your equipment
  • Have trusted Internet and VoIP providers
  • Contact computer security and IT professionals to guide you

Your VoIP phone system will always be protected with UBIK!

In conclusion, DDoS attacks can have significant impacts on your business. This is why you should protect yourself and have reliable Internet and VoIP providers. In this respect, UBIK offers you the advantage of a stable and secure telecommunications network to ensure that network breaches are kept to a minimum!

Contact us or request a quote to take advantage of the UBIK VoIP system!

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