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2023 Management Trends for Addressing Labour Shortages

The last year has seen labour shortages spread throughout numerous countries and almost all industries. While consumers undeniably felt the effects of a reduced workforce, the brunt of the crisis fell on businesses.

Keep reading for a look at some of the major shifts we’ve seen so far and some tips on preparing for what’s next.

Tackling internal business issues

The key word here is “adaptability.”

Today’s managers must be more open-minded and able to adapt as much as possible to internal factors.

Customizing the employee experience

If some of your employees are experts, you can (and should!) ditch the one-size-fits-all approach to perks and benefits. Channel your inner restaurateur and offer them an à la carte menu.

The surefire strategy is to always have your finger on the pulse of what’s happening with your employees. If you notice that one of them is no longer motivated or seems uncomfortable, talk to them about it.

It’ll be up to you to find a way to help them regain their motivation and secure their loyalty—within reason, of course! (We’re not saying you should get them a villa for remote work, but a better office chair or extra benefits, even seemingly minor ones, can go a long way.)

Menu job à la carte

Encouraging upskilling

In today’s rapidly changing world, certain skill sets can have a very short shelf life in many professions. Instead of replacing your employees, you can earn their loyalty by supporting their career development.

After assessing their needs and skills, give them training opportunities or helpful tools to make them feel even more valued and make them less inclined to look for a new job.

Handling external issues

It’s always been common knowledge that the job application game can be highly competitive, and the balance of power has traditionally titled in favour of businesses. Today, the tables have turned considerably, and businesses are now the ones doing the convincing and trying to stand out.

It’s important to make sure that you’re offering an above-market package and that you stand out as much as possible from the other businesses competing with you for employees with similar profiles.

So, you’ve hired a new employee. Congratulations! But be careful about current job seekers’ requirements. Should you hire new recruits? Yes. Should you be more open to applicants’ requirements given the labour shortage? Sure. But be careful not to create too big of a gap between what you’re offering new hires and old-timers.

The ball is in your court!

This article highlights some of the most common consequences of the labour shortage. Your business may have felt the shortage’s impact in other areas, or maybe it hasn’t affected you at all. What’s important to remember is that it pays to put extra effort into being more aware of internal issues, more attentive to employee needs and more adaptable. For example, automation may also be a viable solution to address lack of productivity.

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