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The best headsets for work!

We’ve all been there before: you’re on a call, holding your phone, slipping your headphones on for a half hour so you can concentrate, taking notes so you don’t forget anything because you’re still distracted. We get it, we sympathize.

But did you know there’s one simple trick that can make your work so much easier?

Why you need a headset for work

If you can relate to any of the examples above, then keep reading! Every model of headset in this article has something different that can make life at work a lot easier.

Blowing your paycheque on the chiropractor because your neck hurts from tilting your head to the phone in your hand? Need both hands free while on a call? So many reasons to get a headset!

Which model is right for you

If you’ve already read our article on the different models of IP phones, you get the idea. There’s a model for each particular need, and we’re here to advise you so you can make the right choice.

Standard, inexpensive headsets

Standard headsets are a good one-size-fits-all option. They’re inexpensive, light, wired and work great.

Standard headsets are also a lot lighter than you’d expect, and usually made from flexible plastic that’s tougher than other headsets on the market.

That said, you should be wary of trying to shop for a standard headset on a budget. You’re better off looking at a middle- or high-end option, which will still be cheaper than other styles of headset. After all, $30 will only get you so far in terms of quality or durability.

Standard headsets are also compatible with almost all phones (getting an UBIK-recommended phone is one way to be extra certain 😃) and can be used with one or two earpieces.

UBIK’s standard headset recommendation: JABRA Biz 1500

Noise-canceling headsets

Whether you work in a shared space or just want to enjoy some peace and quiet, noise-canceling headphones are great for blocking out distracting sounds.*

We’ve all got that guy at work who makes a racket all day long, and it can make it pretty hard to concentrate. Well worry no more, as noise-canceling headsets are perfect for helping you stay focused on your goals.

The biggest advantage of these headsets is how they keep sound out in both directions. They keep the noise around you both from reaching your ears and from being heard by the person on the other end of the line.

UBIK’s noise-canceling headset recommendation: Poly Blackwire 8225-M. USB connection with both PCs and phones.

*Noise-canceling headsets don’t eliminate extremely noisy sounds. They are not designed, for example, for use in a sawmill or garage. If the ambient noise is a lot louder than the sound of your voice, then the noise cancellation will stop working and your voice will cut out.

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Wireless headsets

Are you the kind of person who just can’t stand still while working? Do you need to walk around your plant or shop? Are you a receptionist who has to juggle all kinds of tasks while taking calls? If so, then a wireless headset is the way to go!

Be aware that Bluetooth headsets have a limited range, and if your business uses them extensively, then there might be interference, and your calls may drop or have lower audio quality.

Wireless headsets are comfortable and easy to recharge in their charging dock. Something to keep in mind, though, is that they come with noise-suppressing microphones, but their headphones don’t keep sound out.

The big reason to go wireless, though, is to eliminate the clutter of cords draped all over your office. They also have the added benefit of not ruining your hairdo: you can wear them as a headset or with an earpiece!

UBIK’s wireless headset recommendation: Plantronics CS540. With ultra-comfy padding, a button that lets you answer and hang up calls directly from the headset, a range of 120 meters and a battery life of 13 hours for all the chatterboxes out there, this headset is bound to be your new best friend.

Making the right choice

We hope this article will help you choose the right headset for you and improve your working conditions. Please contact us to tell us about your specific workplace needs so we can give you more detailed advice!

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