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ChatGPT: how to integrate it into your business?

Designed using AI (Artificial Intelligence), ChatGPT is a conversational tool that revolutionizes the "bots" you already know.

Exchanging, answering questions, conversing with its interlocutor, all of this is done in writing. This tool that impresses everyone is also an editorial tool that can generate quality content from a simple instruction.

ChatGPT, why is everyone talking about it?

Not familiar with ChatGPT? Discover here the explanations about the new "toy" that everyone is after!

This AI tool is a significant advancement in language technology. The algorithm is constantly trained on a wide range of texts, newspaper articles, movie scripts, books, and online conversations. This is what has given it the ability to understand the context of a conversation and provide all relevant information.

As you can imagine, it can therefore adapt to a vast array of diverse and varied topics, different language styles, and is set to evolve even further.

How to integrate it into your business?

General Motors chose to develop the very first virtual assistant in a car using the ChatGPT tool. Do you also want to introduce it into your business? OpenAI helps companies integrate its AI by making its API available.

How do we know? Our development department asked the tool to write a configuration code, which it obtained in 1 minute.

Part of this article was written using ChatGPT. It took exactly 30 seconds for the tool to write news about AI for IP telephony and companies in general for our Marketing department.

Whether it's for your sales, marketing, development, or administration department, here are some examples of tasks the tool can help you execute for your business (the following text was entirely written by ChatGPT):

  • Customer service: ChatGPT can provide 24/7 customer service to your clients. It can answer their questions, provide assistance, and guide them through the purchasing process.
  • Sales support: ChatGPT can assist your sales team by providing product recommendations, cross-selling and upselling opportunities, and answering customer questions in real-time.
  • Marketing: ChatGPT can help you develop and implement marketing campaigns by analyzing customer data and providing information on customer behavior and preferences.
  • Content creation: ChatGPT can help you generate content for your website, social media, and other marketing materials. It can create product descriptions, blog articles, and other content that resonates with your target audience.
  • Research and development: ChatGPT can assist your research and development team by providing information on customer needs and preferences, identifying market trends, and suggesting new product ideas.
  • Data analysis: ChatGPT can analyze your customer data and provide insights that can help improve your business operations and customer experience.

Overall, ChatGPT can be a valuable asset for your business by improving customer engagement, increasing sales, and providing valuable information on customer behavior and market trends.

In addition to being free and easy to access the Marketing and Development departments at UBIK recommend OpenAI's AI.

Preparation of an IA algorithm

Distinguishing humans from AI.

Effectively detecting if an AI is the author of a text is now possible. In any type of profession or general use of this tool, it will now be necessary to be able to determine the responsibility of a text.

Following several accusations of falsehoods surrounding its content, OpenAI, the company behind the tool, released in late January a tool to detect whether the text was generated by ChatGPT or not.

However, this still lacks precision. For now, the detector tool only indicates whether the text probably comes from an Artificial Intelligence "likely", or possibly "possibly". In some cases of errors, it was revealed that a text came from an AI while it actually came from a human, which could have consequences for the author.

In summary, this tool, although limited for now, is already above all expectations. We strongly advise you to try it!

Do not hesitate to contact us to share your experience with the tool or if you have any questions about how UBIK wishes to integrate it into its business.

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