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IP Telephony for Remote Work: Bridging the Gap

No more missed phone calls because you're not at the office today! UBIK explains how IP telephony has made remote work easier for many of its clients, enabling seamless communication and collaboration within geographically dispersed teams. Discover the tools that can serve you in any remote work context, whether temporary or not.

Centralize Your Work Tools in One Place - It's Possible!

Whether remote or not, sometimes we're tired of being cluttered with too many things in our workspace. A phone here, two screens there, pencils, tissues, your keyboard, your mouse... It never ends!

Not very practical on a daily basis and very complicated to manage when traveling, right?

To solve this problem, UBIK offers an alternative: softphones.

This is an IP telephony tool available directly on your computer. Yes, yes, no more phones on the corner of your desk. The big advantage of this tool is that it avoids the constraint of buying and storing a physical phone.

However, it is important to keep in mind that this tool will primarily depend on WIFI and may therefore be somewhat less reliable in terms of call quality.

Here are a few examples of when softphones can be advantageous:

  • Receptionist: Softphones allow receptionists to handle multiple calls simultaneously without needing a physical phone. Additionally, these software can be integrated with other enterprise software such as CRM, which provides information about customers.
  • Sales department: If you have a sales team that spends a lot of time on the phone, softphones will change their daily routine. Integrated with sales software, these call software can track important data such as call duration, results, and notes about the call. A true logbook for salespeople.

A 2-in-1 Phone.

Another possibility offered by UBIK: redirection to a mobile phone.

This practice, adopted by some of our clients, is very advantageous for employees on the go or, once again, for those who do not wish to be burdened with a desk phone.

The principle is simple: we redirect your business calls to your mobile phone while still separating your personal line from your business line. Your voicemail messages will appear in your emails.

Connected Anywhere, Anytime You Want!

Virtual meetings, hybrid work mode, remote work, business trips, all reasons are good for wanting an IP telephony service.

UBIK can guide you in choosing the best telephony solution for your business based on your work mode and schedule. Don't hesitate to contact us so we can discuss it together.

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