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UBIK star code list

Many people have asked us for a document listing UBIK’s star codes. Although each of those codes are noted somewhere in the documentation, sometimes it’s just easier to have a quick reference so you never have to wonder “how do you record calls again?” or “what’s the code for transferring a call to Bill’s voicemail?”

List of star codes

Resuming a parked call: *[1-30]

E.g., if your call was parked in space 3, you can resume it by dialling *3.

Parking a call: *68

E.g., with a new line, dial *68. The system will announce the parking number (1, 2, 3, 4…). Transfer the current call to complete the parking procedure.

Making an anonymous call: *67 [+ the number]

E.g., *674182661727 will call UBIK while masking your caller ID.

Recording a call in progress: *70 (during a call)

E.g., in the middle of a conversation, dial *70. You’ll hear a “beep” which means recording has started. At the end of the call, you will receive an email with a link to the audio file download.

Recording a call from the beginning: *70

E.g., dial *70. The system will prompt you to dial the number you want to call followed by #. You’ll hear a “beep,” and the call will start.

Leaving a message at an extension number: *98 [+ the extension number]

E.g., dial *98200 to go straight to extension 200’s voicemail.

Access your voicemail: *98

E.g., dial *98. The system will ask for your voicemail number (your extension number) and password.

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