UBIK IP telephony: a technological ally for your business

UBIK is a hosted telephone system that meets all of your company's technological needs. Our system installs simply and quickly in your company, centralizes all your branches and gives your users a high level of autonomy.
UBIK will give technological superpowers to your company.

A centralized phone system that installs in 12 seconds*

Whether your business has 1 or 100 branches, UBIK consolidates them all into one cloud-hosted IP phone system. UBIK is therefore accessible from anywhere, no matter where you, your team or your offices are. Installation is quick and easy with no downtime, moves are done without a service call, and no maintenance is required on your part.
* Rather optimistic estimate
A fully redundant infrastructure
A drop during a phone call is unacceptable. With connections in Quebec, Calgary, New York and Atlanta, the UBIK system has a completely distributed architecture. We carry out preventive latency and congestion detection on a regular basis to ensure the quality and reliability of each of your calls.
Finally, to ensure the greatest compatibility of its system, UBIK IP telephony uses the standard protocols developed by the IETF (SIP, RTP, RTCP).
End-to-end secure communications
UBIK IP telephones behave in the same way as a computer in your network. No specific configuration is required on the firewall. You can therefore be sure that your network will remain just as secure with UBIK IP telephones.
Because the protection of your data and sensitive information about your customers is a priority for your business, UBIK does not skimp on security. Your data and conversations remain completely confidential. Complete security audits are regularly carried out on the UBIK infrastructure and the services are constantly updated.

Want to know how much you can save with UBIK? We like to keep things simple

To find out how much money the UBIK VoIP phone system could save your business, just add up your number of users. An alarm system and fax machine each count as one user.
165 $
per month

Our VoIP phone service rates, broken down

Base rate
60 $
Phone number
5 $
10 $

More than 50 users? Let's talk!

If your company has more than 50 users, we can offer you a customized solution at a competitive price.

The UBIK VoIP phone system : a simple offer, not a basic one

Standard features included for every UBIK user
  • Unlimited phone lines
  • Unlimited phone calls in Canada and USA
  • Call forwarding to cell phones or other extensions
  • Virtual receptionist with scheduling
  • Bilingual voice service
  • Hold music
  • Fax and call auto-detection
  • On-the-fly call recording
  • Three-way conferencing
  • Voicemail with recordings sent automatically via email
  • Web management platform
  • Incoming faxes received by email

We are available to help you transition to IP telephony

Do you need more information about our rates, the capabilities of our technology or how to make the transition to a VoIP system?

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