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How to Optimize the Customer Phone Experience You Offer?

Today, the products and services that companies choose to offer no longer prove to be the most decisive differentiators. Many experts are leaning towards the customer experience being the next competitive battleground in many industries.

Why not prepare for this all-out war now by improving your company's customer phone experience? Here are a few ways to get battle-ready.

Reduce call waiting time

If your company only has a few employees, it is only normal that managing a large influx of calls during peak periods will be difficult. This is usually when customers are put on hold to the sound of soft "elevator music". While there is an audience for this kind of music, few people enjoy it in this context. In fact, most people hate having to wait to speak to someone.

It is therefore preferable to reduce call waiting times as much as possible to improve your company's customer phone experience. There are a number of solutions that can help you do this.

Use a virtual receptionist

Available with most analog and IP phone systems, the Virtual Attendant feature reduces call waiting time in a number of ways.

First, this feature liberates your employees from the stress of answering every call. This is because virtual receptionists can take a large number of calls, ensuring that all customers who try to reach you by phone are guaranteed to get through to someone. This means they won't experience the frustration of being left to their own devices.

Thanks to this function, customers can then be quickly redirected to the appropriate department by the automated receptionist. This of course reduces waiting time.

Transfer calls to other devices

You and your employees may not have the time to stay by the phone and ensure that incoming calls are handled quickly. If you're out of town, or your receptionist is already busy answering someone else in the branch, you may want to automatically transfer calls you receive to other devices.

Many business phone service providers offer automated call forwarding to cell phones or other extensions. This prevents the customer from going to voicemail.

Guaranteeing good call quality

When it comes to the customer experience, call quality is also important. What's the point of answering quickly if the person on the other end of the line can't decipher what you're saying? Worse yet, imagine if they wait a few minutes and the line goes dead before they can even talk to someone. This is the kind of situation that could literally cost you a client. Which is why it's important to have a stable phone system that provides you with high reliability and good call quality.

There are a number of things you can check to ensure that your phone lines are working as efficiently as possible. A single piece of defective equipment in a phone system alone can affect the result at the other end of the line.

Improve your customer phone experience with UBIK

If you are convinced that you need to improve your company's phone experience to stay competitive, why not contact the UBIK team. We can explain how our internet-based phone system, entirely developed in Quebec, will help you better communicate with your customers and within your company.

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