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VoIP System: Go on vacation with a free mind

Every year around this time, offices hum with activity as workers get ready to go on vacation. No one escapes the pre-departure preparations: finalizing projects, setting up out-of-office messages, taking care of last-minute tasks, etc.

Read on to learn how IP telephony can help you make short work of your to-do list.

Setting out-of-office messages with VoIP

We’re all familiar with the automated “out-of-office” email reply—the one thing you CAN’T forget to set before you head to the beach. But what about your voicemail? After all, it’s there to stand in for you while you’re gone too!

Using basic features on your IP phone, you can add a message to your voicemail to let callers know your business is temporarily closed or that the person they are trying to reach is away and for how long.

VoIP picks things up where you left off

Delegating tasks to colleagues while you’re gone isn’t always the easiest thing to do. You often need to take the time to brief the person, which means giving them even more work.

But of course, it’s still important to make sure things keep running smoothly while you’re away.

Luckily, some tasks can be delegated to your IP phone! For example, if your secretary isn’t around, UBIK’s automated receptionist can transfer calls or put them on hold.

VoIP eases you back into the saddle

The first day back from vacation means sifting through emails, going through your voicemail and catching up on what you missed while you were away.

Don’t worry: you won’t spend an hour on the phone with your voicemail when you get back from vacation. Your IP phone can forward messages from your voicemail to your email. That way, you can catch up on your voicemail and email in one go.

Your virtual receptionist can also schedule appointments for you and place orders with vendors automatically.

Organizing and optimizing your work with VoIP

Without a doubt, VoIP can make your time off much less stressful and ensure that you continue to operate effectively in your absence.

To provide your company with a VoIP solution that meets its needs and is entirely Quebec-based, contact UBIK and get a custom quote today!

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