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Is teleworking a feasible option for your company?

The COVID-19 pandemic forced many companies to offer teleworking as a means of complying with containment measures. All of a sudden, telework was seen in a whole new light.

For a long time, most business owners believed that their employees would just sit around twiddling their thumbs all day if they worked from home. However, many found that telework lead to increased productivity and decided to encourage it.

What about you? Could your company make room for telecommuting in the long run?

Why introduce teleworking in your company?

There are many advantages to corporate teleworking, both for employees and employers.

Better work-family balance for your employees

Employees who work from home have the advantage of organizing their work schedule around family and personal obligations. Dad can take the kids to school in the morning and Mom can go to her dentist appointment without losing valuable work time.

This naturally contributes to a more positive morale within your team and a better work experience in general.

Better employee retention

No growth-oriented company wants to lose talented employees to competitors. The key to preventing this from happening to you is to listen to the needs of your employees.

As more and more companies now offer the option of working from home, it would be more beneficial than detrimental for you to offer this advantage to your team.

Increased productivity

A popular belief regarding telework is that employees are less productive when working remotely. On the contrary, studies have shown that individuals who work from home are more productive than those at the office. They are more motivated by having greater autonomy and flexible working hours.

What to ask yourself before implementing telework in your company

Have you been won over by the advantages of teleworking? Before implementing this practice, ask yourself the following questions to find out if it is feasible for your company.

Will it be possible to communicate well if your employees work from home?

One question to ask yourself before implementing a telework policy is how to maximize and encourage communication between employees.

Sophisticated tools such as VoIP phone systems greatly simplify internal communications. This technology completely centralizes your operations, even if you have more than one branch office. With IP telephony, you can transfer your office calls to your cell phone, receive your voice messages by email, and much more.

Do any of your employees already work from home?

Perhaps this question is a little confusing. Let us explain with an example.

Chances are that your company has offices in two different cities, but you only have one IT team that provides support to both locations. In this sense, your IT team is already doing remote work. Why not allow these employees to work from home?

Creating the right teleworking environment is possible!

Now you have more insight into whether or not your company could make more room for teleworking and take advantage of its benefits!

If you decide to implement the practice, keep in mind that you will need a reliable VoIP system to simplify communications between employees and with your customers. At UBIK, our IP telephony solution is suitable for small and large businesses alike. Contact us today to get the most user-friendly VoIP on the market!

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