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Start 2023 off right with new year’s resolutions for work!

Come January, you know the drill—it’s time to make a list of new year’s resolutions.

Exercise more, eat healthier, budget better… the list goes on! Everyone makes resolutions for their personal habits, but what about professional ones? There’s always room for improvement for both you and your business.

First time making resolutions for your work? Read on for a few of our favourites.

Work-related resolutions

Whether you’re a business leader, founder or employee, a new year can mean new growth opportunities. We all have room to grow, and the new year is just the thing to kickstart that journey.

So, where to start? First, make a list of your areas of improvement, followed by your professional goals, whether or not they’re directly related to your daily work. If you’re feeling extra ambitious this new year, jot down any career dreams you’ve been toying with over the years.

Straighten up your workplace

We spend most of our time at work – sometimes only heading home to sleep. All sorts of things can pile up around the office—papers, old to-do lists, dead plants, dirty mugs—that sap your motivation to work.

This new year, stick to the essentials. Minimalism frees your mind from distractions.

Time to get cleaning!

Give more

For business leaders, giving more can look like investing in a worthy cause, donating to an organization or finding another business to do some mutual promotion with, just to name a few ideas. Internally, it can mean revisiting if there are other benefits you’d like to give your employees.

For employees, giving more can mean volunteering, making donations or amplifying others in happy hours conversations or on professional networking sites. It can also be little acts of kindness, like bringing breakfast every once in a while, to help motivate your coworkers. 🥐

Flex your flexibility

In 2023, why not try to be more flexible?

Adopt a four-day work week for higher productivity and better rest. Take longer lunches to give your brain a break during the workday. Rely more on your coworkers’ input and ideas when making decisions.

We think you get the idea—there are tons of ways to be more flexible on the job. Let your imagination run wild!

Focus on team building

A close-knit team is a more productive team.

Already organizing happy hours? Try switching it up or adding more team-bonding opportunities (like eating lunch together or doing team-building activities outside of work), establish ground rules like a “positive attitude” rule or, more practically, plan more group projects and team meetings.

Make achievable medium to long-term to-do lists

Can’t live without your daily to-do list? This one’s for you! (If you’re new to to-do lists, don’t worry, they’re simple enough.)

Make a list of goals you have for your job or overall career. This could be anything from fine-tuning your career path plan to seeking out professional development opportunities—or even implementing an internal project monitoring system.

Open yourself up

We tend to trust our instincts and experience, especially at work. But there’s nothing wrong with trying something new!

Launch a new line of products, bolster your marketing efforts, delocalize your business, increase your networking, listen to more podcasts in your field… Anything that takes you out of your comfort zone is worth a try!

Try something new internally to improve day-to-day operations, like a new software, office set-up or technology, such as IP telephony (instead of analog).

Your move!

You have everything you need to make this year one of the best of your career. Remember to set realistic goals—that way you don’t end up frustrated if they’re unattainable. You should feel motivated, not discouraged!

Want to learn how we can help you improve your business’s phone system? Contact us—it would be our pleasure to check an item off your to-do list! 😉

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