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The Challenges of IP Telephony

If you are using an IP telephony system, you will certainly recognize situations in this article that you experience. UBIK has identified the common technical support requests that can be easily resolved in no time with simple actions.

Implementation of IP Telephony

Transitioning from analog telephony to cloud telephony (IP Telephony) is not a burden at all. No on-site machines or devices are installed, saving you time and space.

Essential checkboxes to verify before switching to IP Telephony:

UBIK takes care of the following for a smooth and efficient transition:

  • Phone programming
  • Training on the UBIK platform and phones

Note: The platform allows UBIK clients to manage their extensions, voicemail, caller IDs, and more.

In summary, on your end, the installation simply involves connecting your new IP phones. (Remote assistance is possible if needed)

Common Technical Support Questions and Solutions

Some of your inquiries can be resolved quickly on your own with simple actions.

I am no longer receiving voicemail messages via email.

If you are not receiving voicemail messages via email, make sure your voicemail box is not full.

The maximum storage capacity for your voicemail box is 100. Therefore, you need to empty your voicemail box to receive future messages. To clean your voicemail box, you can do it directly from the phone or through our online platform.

Here is our voicemail tutorial, if needed.

How can I change my greeting message?

Currently, you do not have the ability to change your greeting message yourself.

To change your greeting message, you need to send an audio file to the technical support, and we will install it in your system. We can also refer you to a narration company if needed.

How can I modify my business hours?

In this case as well, you need to contact UBIK technical support. Our service includes modifying your business hours in your system upon request. For example, from Monday to Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

The lines on my phone are orange or not functioning.

Often, this issue is related to problems with the network jack or network cable.

Check the following initial steps:

My phone cannot receive incoming calls, but outgoing calls work.

  • Have you checked if your phone is in "do not disturb" mode?
  • Is call forwarding enabled on your phone?
  • Is your phone properly associated with your extension number in the online platform?

My colleagues see the wrong name displayed when I call them.

Check if the caller ID is properly configured in the UBIK online platform. If yes, delete the call history on other phones to refresh the new name.

Conversations on IP phones have static or get cut off.

This issue is often related to the network, either the internal network or the internet service provider.

How to modify the message in my UBIK voicemail?

You can directly modify the message in your UBIK voicemail from your phone.

To do this, dial *98 or press the voicemail button on your phone (letter or cassette), followed by your extension number and password. Then, record your unavailable message by pressing 0 followed by 1.

I'm facing other difficulties

Overall, IP telephony provides greater autonomy to businesses and significant savings on their phone bill budgets. However, like any field, technology may have its limitations.

The UBIK technical support team is always ready to make our clients' professional lives simpler and more efficient. Feel free to refer to our tutorial page or contact us if needed.

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